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Cara cara untuk mendapatkan bonus free no deposit 50 USD. ( profit blh withdrawal)

1. Buka akaun di www.myinstaforex.net

2. Login cabinet dan upload :-
a) gambar ic depan/belakang - verify level 1
b) lesen @ bil (alamat kena sama dgn reg kat acc insta) - verify level 2

3. Setelah lulus dua level verify, wasap saya tuk mendapatkan kopun 50 usd di talian 01110856000.

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Beat the Legend

Sometimes when we watch football we imagine ourselves on the pitch and make up the stories of us beating the legends. These dreams don’t come true very often but now, together with LFC everyone can take this challenge and beat the legend!

It’s quite obvious that the whole InstaForex team roots for LFC in EPL. Therefore, we consider ourselves to be the experts in this field. So we will dare to make the forecast of every LFC game this season. Every forecast will be the basis for a binary option contest where you can take a chance to beat us.

For example; Let’s take the home game against Leicester City which was played on 10.09. Our forecast was 2:1 to Liverpool FC. If you think LFC will play even better (e.g. 2:0) you choose “call”. If you are not so optimistic and you forecast is (for example) 0:0 you chose “put”. Simple isn’t it?

But you can not only beat us in the contest. Legendary player Jason McAteer well-known to our clients decided to take our challenge and join the contest! Jason will also provide his analyses to all EPL LFC games and explain his choice, helping you make the decision!

Needless to say that the company offers fancy prizes including a trip to the famous Anfield! So stop dreaming and beat the legend!

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Turkish Stream costs rise to $7 bln

Not all foreign companies involved in the Turkish Stream project understand specifics of construction in Russia. But those who have experience working with the Russian companies know that state financing is likely to grow by leaps and bounds. The cost of the Sochi Olympics Games organization or the construction of Zenit Arena not only exceeded the initial budgets by several times but also surpassed, for example, NASA expenditures on the Mars exploration projects. That is why the following news surprised only the foreign partners of Russia. The price of Turkish Stream has risen again, this time by $1 billion. The Turkish party was not impressed with this turn of events. Most likely, all additional costs will be paid by Gazprom, in other words, by Russian taxpayers. It was a bad idea since if Turkey agreed to take a part in financing increase, they could find out what the great and mighty Russian word - a kickback - means. In the meantime, Gazprom will reap all the benefits. “Previously, we said that the cost of the project is about $6 billion, now we estimate it somewhere around $7 billion. We do not exclude the possibility of project financing. But, given the current conditions, most likely Turkish Stream will be financed from the Gazprom budget,” Andrey Kruglov, the deputy chairman of Gazprom’s Management Board, said at investors’ meeting in London. In addition, due to sanctions, Gazprom had to substantially increase investments in its projects. As a result, the construction cost of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline more than doubled, it increased from 93.6 billion to 190 billion rubles.

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